Instructional voice over in Spanish

An instructional voice over took me back to memory lane!

  I couldn’t help but think about my dad as I did this instructional voice over. My dad is a Mechanical-Electrical Engineer and I would remember all his recommendations as he’d do things around the house. He would always say to turn off all the switches before attempting to install/deinstall anything. I had the opportunity of working with SRP for a series of instructional videos, for which I did the Spanish voice and, as I narrated each step, I would remember how my dad would do things around the house and gave me valuable lessons  I now teach my daughter. Big or little things, my dad always knows how to fix everything…but I guess there are others, such as myself, who may need a hand (or an instructional video) to know the way around this sort of things. Thanks, SRP for making me part of your project, took me back to memory lane! Here´s the instructional I´m referring to: Instructional – Spanish Voice Overs from Marta Albarracin on Vimeo.

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