Explainer Video Voiceover in Spanish

I love to work on explainer videos, I imagine how they’ll come out but when I see the final result it’s always a nice surprise! I do admire people who come up with the ideas at the Ad Agencies because they take the most random topics (not random to the client, of course) and make them interesting.

Here’s an explainer video voiceover in Spanish I had the pleasure of doing for the State of Washington, to inform viewers about the new ID requirements for traveling:


Thanks a lot for trusting me to be the voice for this project.

I’m sure you know we Hispanics LOVE video -I’m not saying it just because I like them,  it’s a fact! Look here.-   I also rather go thru a video rather than reading … there, I said it. In any case, I have a lot of fun with explainers because I love to watch them. It is super important, if it’s a video in Spanish, that the person speaks native Spanish because it may be distracting or difficult to understand if the words aren’t pronounced right and it’s also a MUST to have a person translate the text…Google translator tries its best but Spanish is complex and beautiful 🙂

If you have an explainer video voiceover idea you’d like to implement for your company or any type of Bilingual Voice Over, I’d love to help!
Send me an email to info@amawords.com