Bilingual voiceovers are out of this world

Being a multilingual voiceover artist takes me to the moon & back

A multi-awarded producer (Clio, Cannes Lions, Lia, etc) reached out one evening and asked if I could pitch in for a next day project. It was an important presentation (or should I call it corporate video voiceover?) of the experiences of a Consulting Firm during a campaign in Chile about the country’s position as an astronomy capital and how that was used to motivate Chileans to reach their full potencial… How cool! 

Here's what happened...

I have shared with everybody how much I love doing voiceovers; It’s a career that allows for me to wear many hats and get a taste of the many interesting things people do around the world.  Without having to have a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering nor Law, Medicine or Technology, I’ve gotten to learn -and sound knowledgeable- in the most complicated subjects. But this time around I got to be the voiceover artist for an astronomy-related voice over.

As a multilingual voiceover artist I come across fun and exciting projects, that keep fueling me to continue seeking the next project. Who knows where the next one will take me! 

Check'em out...