Spanish is diverse, Voiceover capabilities need to be

When 62.8 Million Hispanics in the US come from at least 17 countries

“Speaking Spanish” won’t just make the cut. I was reading the 2020 Hispanic Market Report and, of the many things that caught my attention is the importance of being aware of how diverse we, Hispanics in the US, are. One day I do a “Mexican accented” read for an ad and, on the same day, another client needs a “Neutral Spanish, slight Cuban accent” It’s fun for me as a Voiceover Artist, but props the creative minds at the Marketing/Ad Agencies who are challenged to cover a 62.8Million-membered segment that’s as diverse as can be!

I know first hand that one word means sometimes quite the opposite in one of our Latin American countries than it does in another, and Business Blogger, Raisa Alcoque better recommends, rather than translating, “Transcreating” as text can often feel impersonal, ultimately affecting the campaign. Same goes out to Voiceovers, it’s important to know the area/market the read will be heard in so that the delivery suits the segment. That’s why I’m humbled to see more and more clients reaching out to me for their Native Spanish voice over projects.

Thank you for your trust!