Spanglish voiceovers

If you’re catering to the younger Spanish speaking audiences, then Spanglish voiceovers are really what you’re looking for.

I would say the large majority of younger Spanish Speaking Americans are in reality Spanglish speakers because they may speak Spanish at home with family yet they’re English speakers at school, so when the time comes to share, say, at a Christmas party, both worlds come together and the result is a beautiful mix that is not only about blending English words into  Spanish sentences and vice-versa but even includes new words; neither English nor Spanish but Spanglish words.   For example, you may hear “Voy a ir a  lonchar” which translates to “I’m going out for lunch“…but you can’t say that in Latin America because nobody will know what “lonchar” means…that’s a word that morphed from the English “Lunch” and turned into a Spanglish verb, “to have lunch”


“Bilingual speakers have to know both languages very, very well in order to code-switch in the same sentence,”-Elisha Carrillo (International and global studies major)

Being part of the voice-over roster of one of the biggest streaming radio providers grants me the pleasure of doing a lot of Spanglish voiceovers and, being a native Spanish speaker myself, it’s really amusing and funny to acknowledge I’m part the evolution of a language. It’s something that happens naturally, to the point where you don’t know you’re doing it, but when I get to see it written on a script, It kinda’ feels like I know how to speak another language or dialect… you can’t just mix words randomly, there’s a science to it. This article on NPR talks about how kids are owning the Spanglish pride and Elisha Carrillo, an International and Global Studies major points out that “Bilingual speakers have to know both languages very, very well in order to code-switch in the same sentence”

Her’s a :30 sec sample of how it sounds:

Fun, right? If you’ve got a Spanglish project, I’d love to be a part of it! or should I say, “Hey, si tienes un Spanglish project sólo email me at y te ayudo!”