Bilingual Voice Over for Dubbing

Native Spanish for dubbing projects is a must

Dubbing is a most important detail when aiming to convey a message to a Spanish-speaking group. Just the fact that the person’s lips will move in a shape different to the sound heard is distracting in itself, so it’s important to make sure the tone & inflections make sense. I feel one can only get that when the language the project is translated to is their native language, otherwise, it may sound correctly pronounced, but it won’t have that warmth and smoothness you need so that there are no distractions from the message.

This week I had the opportunity of working on a dubbing project for a legal firm. I was thrilled to work on both the translation (we all know Google translator or similar won’t work) as well as the voice over for dubbing.


Native Spanish for seamless dubbing projects. Artista de doblaje al español.

Thank you to the Law Offices of Sean Lewis PLLC for making me part of your project!

If you’re interested in having your videos dubbed, contact me!

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