Healthcare messages are not just any kind of messages...they can save a life!

About Me

My name is Marta Albarracin and I'm a multilingual voice over professional. I have a vast experience in all the areas where a voice is needed: Commercials, Instructionals, Corporate videos, Presentations, Event videos, Text to speech devices, Product Voice prompts, Multilingual dubbing, Singing, etc...If it has a voice I can do it!

A warm, clear, and trustworthy tone.

When doing healthcare Spanish voice overs, I’m aware of how important the message I’m conveying is. It can be crucial for someone’s life changing decisions and makes  an impact in the viewers’ wellbeing. 

Being a native Spanish speaker gives me the ability to pronounce medical terms accurately, yet in a relatable way that makes the listener feel calmed and able to retain her/his attention on the message. I am thankful to the many Healthcare institutions that keep trusting my voice for their important outreach projects. -Marta

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