HR instructional voice overs

Saving lots of time with HR instructional voice overs


My friend Sandra is an HR manager and one of the things she’d mention is how much time is consumed on training when you don’t have a resource such a video to go over the basics of the company and the how to’s needed for each employee’s tasks. The situation gets a major level of intensity when there’s a communication gap due to the fact that the employee may be primarily a Spanish speaker. Safety matters are especially important to convey and it is on the company’s best interest to rest assured each worker fully understands every bit of the manual.

That’s why more often companies and businesses are turning to instructional voice-overs, whether to be put on a video or simply to accompany their written manuals as it makes it more engaging and understandable while saving a lot of training time.



If you need a Spanish HR training audio, I’d love to help!