Bilingual Voice Over Artist

Sharp / Bilingual - 0:33
Adelante/ Spanish - 0:33
Fresenius - Dubbing - 1:07
Fresenius - Dubbing - 1:07
28 Days of Heart - 0:24
Fiesta / Spanish - 0:56
Movie Gallery - 0:22
Infinity - Automotive - 0:37
Automotive - Toyota - 0:19
Bilingual - Instructional - 0:15
WIC / Spanish- 1:09
Brightstar / Spanish- 0:32
Simply Crowns - 0:18
IVR - TTS- 0:36
Spanish / English - 0:49
English - Guatemala - 0:16
Up to you - Country - 0:55
How about Portuguese? I´ve got you covered!
Narration - NY City - 0:41
Portuguese / English - 1:16
Instructional - 0:25

A bilingual voice over artist looking forward to your project!

Hi, I’m Marta Albarracin, and as a professional, bilingual voice over artist, I’ve had the opportunity of collaborating on numerous tv commercials, radio spots, and jingles, voice dubbing projects, web adds, industrial videos and all things related to the voice over profession.

I specialize in Spanish voiceovers; allow me to take your business to the next level by converting your existing Spanish manuals, forms, and other important materials into audio format.

Some of the clients I’ve done bilingual voice over work for include:

"I had the pleasure of working with Marta on many spots for Fiesta, a Latin-American supermarket chain throughout Texas. As the voice-over artist for our Latin spots, Marta brought fresh creative to our spots week after week and was always a pleasure to work with. In addition, as a non-fluent Spanish speaker, I often came to rely on Marta's suggestions for improving or translating the scripts. Because we often were working over ISDN her technical knowledge of such matters from many miles away was always spot on as well..."
Ned Barbee
Broadcast Professional


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