A healthcare bilingual voice over that linked me to my sister!

With this bilingual healthcare voice over, my sister, who is a pediatrician, and I now can both say our work involves medical things 🙂


I’ve always been involved with artistic projects. Ever since I was a little girl. My sister, who I love so much, has always been scientific. I would’ve thought those two worlds wouldn’t necessarily mix but I’m glad to say they do!

I’ve expressed before, being a bilingual voice over artist has exposed me to different careers and interests. I  feel even more connected with my sister, who is a doctor, whenever I do a healthcare voice over. I’ve done many, but this one was special because it was for pediatrics (her specialty). She told me she actually visits the page in the add for useful resources. Here’s the link

Thanks, American Academy of Pediatrics for the opportunity of voicing your video in English & Spanish.



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