Bilingual VoiceOvers for events

A corporate event takes months to plan, a bilingual voiceover keeps your guests engaged.


Many people don’t realize how much work goes into a corporate event or an award ceremony. It takes long months and a big team to plan for every detail and sometimes, despite the fact everybody

may have traveled to attend, these events may be extensive, after all, there are many things to cover and everything is important.   How to keep your guests from feeling tired/bored?

I’ve noticed that ad agencies and production companies are using bilingual voiceovers to avoid the monotony and re-gain interest. For example, if your company does business in different parts of the world, a different accented voiceover  or even a different language announcing the next speaker or nominees for the award given is sure to spice things up.

Corporate Events are a very important deal and I’m humbled that MIT Inclusion Innovation chose my voice to be part of their most important event, their awards ceremony.


If you’re interested in having a bilingual voiceover for your event, contact me.

I’d love to help, I also speak Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and some French!