Bilingual Voice Over for Dental Office

Why is “Native Spanish & English” important on a bilingual voice over project?

Because you want every word to be understood! Especially when it comes to medical & dental related messages, it is not only pressing that the terms are accurate (including the name of your business!) but that the sound of the voice feels confident enough to be reliable, trustworthy and empathetic. After all, we’re talking about a visit to the dentist!  Thanks, Exeter Orthodontics for your trust. It is so important to have a native Spanish speaker for your bilingual voice over project.

Thank you very much Exeter Orthodontics for allowing me to be the Spanish Voice Over artist for your campaign.
If you need a bilingual voice over for your business, I can help! it is so important to have a voice that is clear but very relatable. Someone you can trust!

Marta Albarracin, bilingual voice over artist.