Automotive Voiceovers in Spanish

Marta Albarracin

My name is Marta Albarracin and I'm a multilingual voice over professional. I am a native Spanish speaker, but I also speak English (US), Portuguese (BR), Italian and some French (FR). Ever since I was a little girl  I've loved reading out loud and, to this day, it's still exciting for me to wake up knowing I get to read out loud for a living!

Listen to some demos...

Automotive voiceovers in Spanish are all about the speed!

I don’t mean you have to rush thru the read, but you have to know just how fast or slow the message should go to embody the vision/concept of the brand or car dealership.

It’s also a MUST to be a native Spanish speaker so that the listener may feel identified with the message; It goes even further, with the many regions, accents and slang words used across the different Latin American countries (and the Spanglish words used in the US) it’s pressing to be familiar with the pronunciation of these words so they don’t sound weird. For example, countries like Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominican Republic will call a van a “Guagua” but it should sound more like wawa. Most Mexicans in the US will call it a “Ven” sounding more like venn, and will call a truck “una troca” while Guatemalans will call it “un pickup” sounding “Pi-cóp”

If you have a Spanish Automotive Voiceover project, steer this way and contact me, I’d love to be part of it! 

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