About Me

My name is Marta Albarracin and I love doing comercial voice overs! Different campaigns, different concepts, and scripts make every session exciting. I'm blessed to say I have a lot of experience doing TV, Radio & Streaming ads, as well as Web commercials, in Spanish, English, "Spanglish", Portuguese & Italian. If you're looking for a native Spanish Voice for your campaign, Contact me for a quote!

More demos

"I had the pleasure of working with Marta on many spots for a Latin-American supermarket chain throughout Texas. As the voice-over artist for our Latin spots, Marta brought fresh creative to our spots week after week and was always a pleasure to work with. In addition, as a non-fluent Spanish speaker, I often came to rely on Marta's suggestions for improving or translating the scripts. Because we often were working over ISDN her technical knowledge of such matters from many miles away was always spot on as well."
Ned Barbee
Broadcast Professional
“Marta is a wonderful professional to work with, and always delivers a solid performance. She has a great, very consistent voice, which makes working with her voice and audio a breeze for any project.”
Neil Nunez
Owner, N2 Productions Group
If you need a voice over artist for your Spanish campaign, email me for a quote! info@amawords.com

Here's my Radio Imaging Demo!